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David Harrington, Kent. 28/08/2014                     LUGPUMP REVIEW

 I have been using this pump after I bought 1 a couple of months ago now to replace my old worn out pump and thought it about time to review it.               When the pump arrived the first thing I was impressed with was how well it had been packaged and the fact it came 98% assembled. After taking it out off the package I noticed how well it had been constructed, using quality components, and how good the washer set was.                               The first time I used it, it performed excellently with only a slight adjustment of the plunging washer required. I have used the pump at least twice a week on all different types of sand and mud, and it hasn't let me down yet, with only minimal cleaning required. the washer set is still looking like new.         So if you are looking for a pump. I highly recommend you buy this pump as you can trust it won't let you down and you won't be disappointed.


T. Tapp, Kent                               8th June 2014                             Re: French trip to Cas-en-Lac

Hiya mate, Nick has prob already told you mate but, I gotta say the BNC was totally the bait for me last week , I had 8 fish on it up to a 53 lbs , the other bait they had was an out n out bream bait lol !
Big up to the BNC !!!!!!!!                                                  

M. Larsen, Cumbria

25th June 2013
Re: Lug Pump / Bait Pump - Stainless Steel 22mm

Recently bought this pump after searching the internet for a decent quality bait pump.
Having previously owned a alvey and a micks tackle (matchman) 22mm bait pump in the past and not being overly impressed with the quality I thought I'd give the sma pump ago.
First impressions when it arrived was very good, excellent quality and built to last. The washer is the best I've seen on a pump which very rarely needs adjusting and I like the fact you can have the tensioning nut sat slightly proud of the pump for easy adjustment.
I've slightly modified mine and added  duplon grips to the handles ;)
I've now been out with it 4 times going flat out for a good couple of hours a time and suffer no fatigue at all, its almost effortless unlike previous pumps I've paid for itself on the first outing!!
Buy with confidence you won't be disappointed.

Philip Holmes
2nd May 2013
Re: Nick Howards 44lb 11oz mirror: Well done fella. Sma Tackle baits are the nuts. Wish I was there. Good luck keep going. Come on Sma Tackle smashing it up.

Harry Wardle, North Wales
6th July 2012
Confirm that lug pump washers received today 6th July at 11am; one is now in the pump. Many thanks for the excellent service.

Steve Pemberton, East Sussex
4th July 2012
My new lug pump arrived today. Wish I had come to you before getting an Alvey pump. The pump you sold me is the best pump I have ever had; its the dog dangglys. Thank you very much; superfast delivery; well done; could'nt get better!

Mike Carlton, Ireland
21st February 2012
Hi there just a quick word to say thanks for the quick supply of my Magicshine MJ-808. I had it in two days,  which was great and very much appreciated. The light is super and quiet a lot of my fishing buddies have been asking where or what it is; so hopefully you might get a few more orders to Ireland.
Many thanks.

Lee Phillips, Kent
19th February 2012
First time using the Revolution Enzyme. Got to say lads; bait is bang on. 5 fish in 36 hours. The wafters absolutely nail em. Get on it lads!

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Album 047 - Castaway lake, Limoges, France.

Tom Stirman's 4 day trip to Castaway Lake between 23/03/2013 and 27/03/2013.

"After the first few hours of fishing, Revolution Baits BNC (Butternut cream) bait was beating up the others that some had taken with them."

A four night session of a lifetime produced a total of 36 fish for Tom. This figure would have been higher but for the few that were lost and the ones he had to surrender to a friend due to double runs. All of the Carp caught using BNC pop ups. Catfish caught using Revolution snowman white topper.

Quote from Tom: "A very cold central France; temperature minus 4 on the last night. Thanks again for such a great bait."


Slideshow of a selection of photos of 20 of the fish which exceeded 20lb  (ordered by the approx time caught) as follows:

(All of these fish and more were caught by Tom in only 4 days.)


 23/03/2013 16:17<br />25lb common 23/03/2013 16:57<br />23lb and 28lb mirrors 23/03/2013 16:57<br />28lb mirror 23/03/2013 18:15<br />35lb 02oz PB common 23/03/2013 18:48<br />27lb mirror 23/03/2013 19:33<br />23lb mirror 24/03/2013 09:17<br />27lb mirror 24/03/2013 13:06<br />28lb mirror 24/03/2013 13:58<br />23lb mirror 24/03/2013 16:56<br />26lb common 24/03/2013 21:27<br />26lb mirror 25/03/2013 08:11<br />28lb mirror 25/03/2013 11:56<br />23lb mirror 25/03/2013 18:57<br />26lb mirror 26/03/2013 00:32<br />28lb mirror 26/03/2013 09:49<br />29lb mirror 26/03/2013 17:07<br />21lb common 27/03/2013 00:15<br />26lb common 27/03/2013 00:24<br />55lb catfish 27/03/2013 02:53<br />32lb common
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