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David Harrington, Kent. 28/08/2014                     LUGPUMP REVIEW

 I have been using this pump after I bought 1 a couple of months ago now to replace my old worn out pump and thought it about time to review it.               When the pump arrived the first thing I was impressed with was how well it had been packaged and the fact it came 98% assembled. After taking it out off the package I noticed how well it had been constructed, using quality components, and how good the washer set was.                               The first time I used it, it performed excellently with only a slight adjustment of the plunging washer required. I have used the pump at least twice a week on all different types of sand and mud, and it hasn't let me down yet, with only minimal cleaning required. the washer set is still looking like new.         So if you are looking for a pump. I highly recommend you buy this pump as you can trust it won't let you down and you won't be disappointed.


T. Tapp, Kent                               8th June 2014                             Re: French trip to Cas-en-Lac

Hiya mate, Nick has prob already told you mate but, I gotta say the BNC was totally the bait for me last week , I had 8 fish on it up to a 53 lbs , the other bait they had was an out n out bream bait lol !
Big up to the BNC !!!!!!!!                                                  

M. Larsen, Cumbria

25th June 2013
Re: Lug Pump / Bait Pump - Stainless Steel 22mm

Recently bought this pump after searching the internet for a decent quality bait pump.
Having previously owned a alvey and a micks tackle (matchman) 22mm bait pump in the past and not being overly impressed with the quality I thought I'd give the sma pump ago.
First impressions when it arrived was very good, excellent quality and built to last. The washer is the best I've seen on a pump which very rarely needs adjusting and I like the fact you can have the tensioning nut sat slightly proud of the pump for easy adjustment.
I've slightly modified mine and added  duplon grips to the handles ;)
I've now been out with it 4 times going flat out for a good couple of hours a time and suffer no fatigue at all, its almost effortless unlike previous pumps I've paid for itself on the first outing!!
Buy with confidence you won't be disappointed.

Philip Holmes
2nd May 2013
Re: Nick Howards 44lb 11oz mirror: Well done fella. Sma Tackle baits are the nuts. Wish I was there. Good luck keep going. Come on Sma Tackle smashing it up.

Harry Wardle, North Wales
6th July 2012
Confirm that lug pump washers received today 6th July at 11am; one is now in the pump. Many thanks for the excellent service.

Steve Pemberton, East Sussex
4th July 2012
My new lug pump arrived today. Wish I had come to you before getting an Alvey pump. The pump you sold me is the best pump I have ever had; its the dog dangglys. Thank you very much; superfast delivery; well done; could'nt get better!

Mike Carlton, Ireland
21st February 2012
Hi there just a quick word to say thanks for the quick supply of my Magicshine MJ-808. I had it in two days,  which was great and very much appreciated. The light is super and quiet a lot of my fishing buddies have been asking where or what it is; so hopefully you might get a few more orders to Ireland.
Many thanks.

Lee Phillips, Kent
19th February 2012
First time using the Revolution Enzyme. Got to say lads; bait is bang on. 5 fish in 36 hours. The wafters absolutely nail em. Get on it lads!

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Catch Reports



1st'ly Happy New Year!

There has been a number of catches through Dec 2014 which have been placed on our Facebook pages, unfortinately a fair few from total ban waters and some from venues where the captor has asked for a grace period before publication. This year we have tweaked two of our more popular baits and a few lads will be trying these out, so far they look very promising. We will try this year to keep up to date posts on catch's but as you can imagine we are very very busy! Tight Lines..


LATEST REPORT - 30th APRIL 2014                  

With the introduction of the SQUILL (New bait for 2014) the catches are just getting better and better. Revolution Enzyme & the BNC are still out there smashing waters this side of the channel and in France. So far catches have been fantastic and it looks like this year will be a good one, unlike the washout spring/summer of 2013!

We have some new members of the bait team this year, all of whom consistantly catch, only now they will catch even more! Tom Stirman, Jof Everett & Mark Brett wil out catching all year along with the other members of Team Rev. Only last week they went out to France and absolutely annihilated their chosen water with 3 x PB's all caught using our awesome BNC.                                                                                     Check out our fish pictures in the Albums on the homepage..

More reports to follow....

END OF YEAR REPORT - 31st December 2013

2013 was in our opinion a poor year fishing wise. People moved on to harder waters, some hardly fished at all, others more or less gave up, some fished press ban waters and some decided to fish far less superior baits!

We ran no competitions this year but in 2014 you might be pleased to hear that they're coming back.
Emphasis is on pictures, good quality, un-edited scaley ones in particular.
The more pics you send in, in here or on SMA Facebook page (include tags) the more chance you have of winning!
All prizes will be bait packages, worth to you a fair amount of £'s!!
More details will follow soon, prizes will not include shipping costs.
Remember we have a complete range of bait and extras to match.
SQUILL (New for 2014)

FRANCE - UPDATE - 11th August 2013

Well it's great news to hear that a group of 5 lads went to France and gave their chosen water a right kicking!
With some slow conditions over the last few weeks these lads turned it all around.
Armed with BNC and Revolution Enzyme they landed 170 fish for a total weight of 3750lb's.
Well done lads...

FRANCE - 8th August 2013

Just received a txt from 5 lads in France. BNC & Rev Enzyme + particle doing the biz.
101 fish for the week so far!!
Who needs a gym!!


Report from Kevin Fuller:

BNC is wicked!
I had 19 fish in 4 trips; biggest 20lb smallest 10lb.
But the best bit is one trip there was 15 other people fishing!
One guy had one and I had five!!!
He wasn't happy lol.


Davids report on his first french trip:

For me my first ever French trip was eagerly awaited and we duly left for France on the evening of Friday 24th May travelling overnight on the ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo.
Following morning after an hour and a half drive we arrived at the lake which looked to be everything I had dared hope for, magnificent does not do it real justice. A beautiful  English estate type water of 20 acres with 12 swims.

Had previously picked up: 5 kilo of BNC, glug, Pop Ups, wafters and this along with another 5 kilo of Enzyme was my intended bait for the coming week.

... Got set up by about 5.30pm and was ready to have a bit of a cast around to find a couple of spots.
Chose to cast into some sparse weed using BNC popped up about 4” with about 30 bottom baits put out with the throwing stick.
2 hours later a PB common at 46lb 08oz, what a start!

Had a further 3 fish between Sunday and Wednesday, a 28lb 04oz mirror, a 32lb mirror and a 37lb mirror.
Then Thursday morning had the jewel in the crown, as at 5am, I was lucky enough to make contact with and land a 53lb mirror.

Lost another big fish that I never got to see having played it for around 20 minutes.

All on Revolution baits, so thanks Rev.


"Team Revolution" fished "Elphics North Lake, Kent" last week for 4 nights. All bait used was supplied by Revolution baits.
The average fish weight was over 30lbs.

List as follows (Weight/Revolution bait used):

Wayne: UK PB 53lb 13oz mirror (BNC), 36lb 10oz mirror (BNC), 26lb mirror (BNC), 22lb grassy (BNC), 24lb mirror (BNC).

Mark: 21lb grassy (BNC), 25lb 08oz mirror (BNC), 29lb 08 mirror (BNC), 33lb 04oz mirror (BNC), 36lb 08oz mirror (BNC).

Darren: 26lb 02oz common (Revolution SS), 20lb cat (Revolution SS).

Chris: 32lb 02oz mirror (BNC).

Nick: UK PB 44lb 11oz mirror (BNC), 27lb 13oz mirror (BNC).

Gary: 28lb 08oz common (Revolution Enzyme), 31lb 12oz mirror (Revolution Enzyme), 33lb 02oz mirror (Revolution SS), 34lb 12oz mirror (Revolution SS).

Sam: 36lb 08oz mirror (Revolution Enzyme), 31lb 10oz common (BNC), 29lb 04oz mirror (Revolution Enzyme).

Kieron: 23lb 01oz mirror (Revolution Enzyme), 31lb 10oz mirror (Revolution Enzyme).

Photos of fish are available for viewing in the photo albums.

REVOLUTION BAITS CATCH REPORT - Saturday 13th April 2013

We're getting reports through that 1st "Revolution Enzyme" user Darren Crouch has taken 730lb of fish this week at his chosen French venue.
Looks like its nearly back to normal. Now who's off to France?

REVOLUTION BAITS CATCH REPORT - Thursday 28th March 2013

Tom Stirman's 4 day trip to Castaway Lake, Limoges, France between 23/03/2013 and 27/03/2013.

"After the first few hours of fishing, Revolution Baits BNC (Butternut cream) bait was beating up the others that some had taken with them."

A four night session of a lifetime produced a total of 36 fish for Tom. This figure would have been higher but for the few that were lost and the ones he had to surrender to a friend due to double runs. All of the Carp caught using BNC pop ups. Catfish caught using Revolution snowman white topper. See Notable catches 2013 under "Photos - Fish Catches"

Quote from Tom: "A very cold central France; temperature minus 4 on the last night. Thanks again for such a great bait."

REVOLUTION BAITS CATCH REPORT - Saturday 10th November 2012

We would just like to say well done to "Biz" who managed to winkle out his target fish on Tuesday 6th November. An absolutely stunning zip linear weighing in at 35lb 08oz.
He nailed it on our new bait that he and a few others are testing for us. The water in question has a total press ban so no pics, sorry.

REVOLUTION BAITS CATCH REPORT - 17th July 2012 - 11th September 2012

Bout time we did another catch report so here goes:
The Big lake has been real slow lately but it's just starting to come good, with James Little Ed Green bagging a couple of 30+'s in the last week or so.
Alan Jackson has been amongst them again at Chilham with a few fish up to 36lb+.
Keiron Hearn used an Smatackle glugged bait to tempt a fish known as "Chillys" at a PB weight of 42lb+.
Samuel Carp Hunter Harris has been winkling a few out from Spider hall but he, as well as Gary Marsh and myself, is waiting for the end of this month to get on em.
Ron Busby, Matt Craig, John Redmond and Roy Ferguson have all been having them out.
Drew Gilpin down in Devon has been bagging up again lately; well done m8.
Hands On (Andy) has been fishing on an 80 acre pit near Reading and has had a couple out. A change of bait might see him start to bag up hopefully; very hard when he is the only person putting it in.
Simon Firth and co have been ripping their venue apart in Leicestershire; wait until next year!!
Old buddy Mark Wilson has been having some chunks from his chosen venues.
A few French trips are coming up very soon:
We have a lad out at Etang du Bois this week.
Nick Gill, Simon Lee and Jay Carroll are out to Mirror pool (Mayflower lake) Saturday week; last year Revolution Enzyme broke the lake record.
Little Ed and Ginge are out to Dreamlakes 1 on 29th September. They already had a great start as they have had their names picked for 1st place in the swim draw...
Matthew Grinham is off to Etang Saussiere soon (We think!) so there will be some whackers.
My apologies if we have forgotten to mention you but can't remember everyone!!
Keep sending those pictures in plz...

REVOLUTION BAITS CATCH REPORT - 1st June 2012 - 17th July 2012

Well June was a mixed month for some people's fishing.
Some lad's are struggling on mis-managed waters due to weed, but others have now switched venues and are reaping the rewards.
June started with the "Fishing for Forces" event at Todber where Drew Gilpin got amongst the fish to start with. He was running in 1st place at the beginning but after 24hrs he ran out of bait and got pushed back to 5th overall, a great result though.
Simon Firth and his mates up in Leicestershire are smashing they're 50 acre pit since they started to introduce Revolution Enzyme. Well done lads.
Will Fox had it off in mid June when he fished a French water. Over 35 fish for the week on 3 different baits supplied by us.
Andy Foreman has just started a campaign on a very tricky 50 man, 80 acre syndicate. He has had 2 fish to date but we expect a lot more will be caught here by this very good angler.
Nick Howard and James Green were getting amongst em at their Kent pit but the weed has overtaken it and now it's virtually unfishable. They have dropped onto a back up pit that is currently getting smashed up. (Check out the July Photo album)
MVAS has been chucking out a steady stream of fish on the Revolution Enzyme topped out by Sam Harris's 36lb Mirror. We expect this particular water to succumb very soon.

There are literally dozens of catch reports coming in weekly but can't include every one; so if they are not here then we apologize.
With the start of August just round the corner the best period of the year is coming.....
Keep watching this space.


Report from Rob Courtnell:
I am now back in the sandpit and thought I'd give ya a quick update on the fishing.

Whilst in France I concentrated on using the nut mix, and can say it out fished the 'local' bait by 2-1!!!  I had a total of 15 fish between 20-30lbs, as well as a handful of high teens, over 50% of the fish fell to the nut mix wafters, fished over pellet and crushed bollie.  The conditions were a complete ballache!  On arrival they were having their first day of proper sunshine for weeks, and the fish duly spawned. The temp during day was around mid 20's and at night it dropped to just below zero. Couple this with the fact that the lake was netted in February and as you can imagine NOT ideal conditions - still a reasonably successful week.
On returning to the UK, I did 48hrs on a low stocked 'hard' water in Norfolk. Upon arrival there were 3 other anglers, and through talking to them I found that the lake had been fishing extremely hard over recent weeks - not to worry though I had the rev enzyme as my secret weapon !!
I got some bait out and started fishing. Within 3hrs I had a 23 on the bank!! This was followed by 2 more fish to 27 until I packed up and popped to a runs water to finish the week off. 
I will NEVER use the rev enzyme on a 'runs' water again!!!  In my first 6hrs of fishing (2 rods) I had 20 fish on the bank between 10-15lb, it got to the stage where I brought my rods in so I could get some kip - the 2.5 days I had at this water produced over 50 fish between 6-19lb!!!
All in all, couple of cracking baits you have there. I will be in contact again next year for some more. I have also passed your details on to the guys I was fishing with and I am sure they will be in contact as and when the need arises. I spoke to the owners of Rushes Lake in France and they have asked me to forward your details onto them, as they would like to offer a wider selection of baits to their customers!
Thanks a million


Quote from Andy Foreman:
"2 x 50s, 3 x 40s and 4 x 30s between 4 of us... Bit of a struggle but we got there in the end! Few hot days to start then unsettled wind directions made things difficult! Tricky week but good result in the end! Top venue, blindin company, tidy bit of scram and can't wait to get back next year..."

CARPING FOR CANCER - Sunday 6th May 2012

Well done to Dave Mayne, winner of the carping for cancer event in Kent this weekend.
Revolution Enzyme won him a place in the final at Broadlands in Hampshire.

REVOLUTION BAIT CATCH REPORT - 14th April 2012 - 15th April 2012

Jay Carrol and Nick Gill fished a lake in Kent for a two day session with the following results...
Jay - "I had 18 carp with the 3 biggest being 16lb 04oz, 19lb 08oz and 19lb 13oz (PB mirror) all on Revolution pop ups..
We went there for a bend in the rod and we certainly all got that.
I even beat the bailiffs PB by a few ounces and he's fished it for 7 years. Ha ha. Great little session and a good bit of sport..."
Nick - "I had 6 carp during the 2 day session."

REVOLUTION BAITS CATCH REPORT UPDATE - March 4th 2012 - 1st April 2012

James Green had a 36lb 08oz Ghostie mirror from Alders big lake.
Andy Foreman had a 28lb 08oz mirror and lost 2 fish (1 lump included)! Alders big lake.
Lee Phillips had a 36lb 08oz mirror.
Dan Briley had a 36lb mirror.
Alan Jackson had a 20lb + from Chilham.
Scaff had a 31lb 06oz mirror from Cottington lakes.
Ian Hagger had a few fish up to 20lb + from a Northwest kent water.
Gary Yeo has had fish up to 20lb+ from a kent pit.
Jason Richards has had fish up to 20lb from Orchard farm, Paddock Wood.
Vic had a 19lb leather and 24lb mirror from a Kent pit.
Matthew Grinham has been amongst them but not sure of the sizes.
Samuel Harris has had an 18lb mirror today from a Kent pit.
Brian Sellars had a 24lb 04oz from Stow.
There have been many more fish caught but just cannot remember all of them.

Remember we just need these catch reports sent in via txt and pictures via e-mail to:

P.S. Sorry if you were not mentioned above but make sure you send in your catch report or get out there and catch something!


France - The 1st outing of the year for two lads on a quick 2 nighter, 4 fish up to 30lb on Fruit & Nut.
We have two other lads out in France this week, their chosen bait was Revolution SS. Report to follow....
One angler fished a Kent day ticket water on Friday night. Revolution Enzyme produced 8 fish upto 26lb for him.

REVOLUTION ENZYME CATCH UPDATE - Tuesday 21st February 2012

We've just had the 20th reported fish out for the Revolution Enzyme since Friday!
4 Totally different waters getting the benefit of some quality bait.
Wonder how many there will be out by this Friday?

REVOLUTION ENZYME DOES IT AGAIN! - Sunday , 19th February 2012

Lee Phillips first time using the Revolution Enzyme. Quote: Got to say lads; bait is bang on. - 5 fish in 36 hours. The wafters absolutely nail em. Get on it lads!


Gary Yeo fished last week in sub-zero temperatures to be rewarded with 2 fish including a stunning 20+ mirror on Revolution Enzyme!
Revolutionary Nigel fished a day session on an undisclosed syndicate and had a 20+ linear and 19lb mirror on white Revolution pop-ups!


Fruit & Nut does the biz!!
Shane Lay from Suffolk gave a m8 of his 4kg for a session on a lake called Lifford in the Midlands.
7 fish later with a top weight fish of 27lb, he left a happy chappy.
Trying to source photos. If we get them, we'll load them up.

KIERON COFFEY LANDS A 29lb 08oz PB - Saturday, 7th January 2012

Well done to Keiron on his new PB 29lb 08oz common at a time of the year when things are more difficult...
1st outing for him on the Revolution Enzyme boilie.
20mm bottom bait does the damage.

END OF YEAR REPORT - Thursday, 22nd December 2011

Well what can we say??!!
Considering this time last year "REVOLUTION BAITS" didn't even exist!!
It's gone from strength to strength with some real impressive catch results in it's 1st year. Umpteen PB's, 1st venue captures for anglers, Lake records in France, Club records over here, multiple captures, the list goes on and on... And to get a write up in the last issue of the year in one of the Carp angling press's most prestigious mags is awesome (Big Carp, December 2011). Look out 2012 cause u gonna get smashed!

Thanks to all of our customers; Happy Xmas and New year.

WOKING WATER SUCCESS - Saturday, 3rd December 2011

Revolution bait just smashed the granny out of a water in Woking.
48hrs produced 15 fish up to 28lb.
A truly awesome bait for: Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn.

15LB 4OZ PB COD FROM THE SHORE BY SMA - 23rd November 2011 at 22:00
1hr before High Tide

Went out tonight with my good m8's Ad and Jay.
They wanted to fish a Kent shore mark which I had only fished once before.
I must say that I winged and bitched all the way there and until it "Happened"!
A few ting and a doggie were caught, with a crab thrown in for good measure. Then about 45 mins before HW I noticed that the ting on my rod had stopped twitching. Then there was a "Nod", so I stood next to the rod. Next thing I know it started pulling down quite slow but steady. I lifted into the bite and "fish on".
As I got it close in, it started kiteing right and Ad jumped in the water and threw out a pig!
I was absolutely dumbstruck!
A new PB cod at 15lb 04oz!!
Next time I better not spit me dummy out when they suggest a different mark to fish, ah!

REVOLUTION ENZYME SMASHES POLLARD - Wednesday, 2nd November 2011 at 12:05
Revolution Enzyme smashes Pollard in Snodland, Kent. Two nights, 10 fish inc. 2 x 30's up to 38lb 12oz. Bout time this water was brought to its knee's by the Revo....

REVOLUTION LOYALISTS - Saturday 29th October 2011 at 14:45
Well Jof Everett had a touch in France with his m8 Luke.
A PB common of 52lb 13oz to Jof. A PB 45lb 12oz to Luke.
Also on the hit list were fish of... 45lb 06oz, 42lb 13oz, 40lb 10oz, 40lb 02oz, 39lb 06oz, 37lb 03oz, 35lb 13oz, 35lb 13oz, 35lb, 33lb, 31lb 01oz, 31lb, 30lb 04oz, 30lb 02oz, all the rest were 20's and 2 x 19lb's!!

All fish were caught on Revolution enzyme, SS and a Custom Fruit & Nut. Pictures will be available when Jof has had a rest and sent them to us.

As you can see ANOTHER spanking to Revolution baits! Well done lads!!!!!!..

REVOLUTION LOYALISTS - Wednesday 26th October 2011 at 20.00
Where do we start?
A blinding couple of weeks for Lads on the bait.
Firstly well done to Hands Uwannabelikeme, Brian Sellars, Gary watts and a fella called Neil on their massive session at Etang du Bois in France. Total weights were 29lb linear, 33.14 common, 39lb mirror, 41lb mirror, 42.08 mirror, 48.08 mirror, 48.12 mirror, 49.02 linear, 50.08 common, 53lb mirror and a 60.12 mirror. All caught on either Revolution enzyme pop ups or bottom baits.....a good week.  

We had two texts from two different people fishing two different lakes in France Yesterday morning.
Firstly Matthew Grinham is fishing Le Fritterie and his 1st fish for the week was a 50lb 08oz!
About ten minutes later Jof Everett text us saying his 1st fish out at Mirror pool complex Mayflower lake was a new lake record at 52lb 10oz!
Revolution madness....
Gary Marsh had a touch when he did a four nighter on a regular venue when he banked the largest carp in the venue at a PB weight of 43lb 15oz along with another common of 25lb.
His fishing buddy Samuel Carp Hunter Harris also banked a 20lb fish at the same time as the 25! Baits used were Revolution enzyme for the 2 x 20's and Fruit & Nut for the 43.15! Revolution kicks arse again.....
Also we had a new PB common of 45lb if you didn't know! On a Revolution Hi viz fluoro pink pop up. So which one of you is gonna give us 5kg bait for our magazine pic?

Keep em coming....

SMA's new PB at 45lb 10oz  - Wednesday, 19th October 2011 at 11:00

SMA catches his PB UK common to date at 45lb 10oz using a Fluoro Pink Revolution Pop up.....

REVOLUTION LOYALISTS - Monday, 17th October 2011 at 09:42
Well whats happened to the fishing in probably the best time of the year then lads??
I know most of you have enough fat to put up with a little cold weather??!!
I'm still getting txts about plenty of fish captures but no photo's...
Maybe u don't wanna win some bait?
September and October are very productive months here and over the water, in fact Fred Archer has sent me a couple of pics of fish that he had on the Revolution recently (both 50+'s). And as we speak 3 lads on the Revolution are havin it off in France again with 40's, 50's and 60's caught after just two days on the bank!! They have had 3 x 40's, a 53 and a 60lb 10oz so far. They started fishing Saturday morning.
Remember pick your expensive French trip at the right time, July and August can be a bit hit and miss....
Also we have a lad who won a fishing trip with Mr.Fairbrass so we will see how the bait fares against a chap that can pull a few.
I will add an October catch report at the end of the month.
Remember plz keep sending in the pictures, nothing ventured nothing gained......

MIG MOSTYN catches a fish at 39lb 08oz from a French fishery called Jonchery - 10th October 2011 at 19.40
The bait used was Revolution enzyme boilie.
He also had another fish at 23lb. He fished with 3 other anglers, he had the only two fish that week and was the only one on Revolution baits.
The fishery usually fishes well on maize and corn so this was a great result!

REVOLUTION LOYALISTS - Monday, 26th September 2011 at 10.00
Another great week on the Bait.....
New customer Nick Gill had a 16lb common from the tr... lake on his 1st session.
Danny had a 24lb common from Brooklands 10 mins after casting a Revolution Wafter out for the 1st time.
Mark Tav is on tr... lake now, to my knowledge he has had 4 fish out up to 31lb 07oz.
Hands Uwannabelikeme had a 33lb mirror from b.. lake.
Neo had a 25+ from b.. lake.
James Green had 3 fish from Frant lakes.
Sma Tackle had 4 from Frant lakes.
Michael Brown had 7 fish from an Estate lake in France up to 37lb.
Phil had a 24hr session on another water in France with 18 fish up to 39lb something as reported below.
Jason Richards is currently at Mirror lake in France so lets hope he has a few.
More to follow......

PHIL'S HECTIC NIGHT! - Tuesday, 20 September 2011 at 09:20
A chap called Phil decided to have some Revolution off us for a trip to France. Think he fished an old estate lake that he has fished many times before. He planned 3 nights fishing in conjunction with a relaxing holiday to unwind from his busy business back home.....
On his 1st night he fish some pig pellet and introduced 1kg of Revolution boilie to his chosen swim. Next morning he was packing up a broken man, knackered and in much need of some R+R on his holiday!!
Reason you may ask?
Well after 18 fish with a combined weight of 409lb and fish up to an ounce under 40lb he needed the rest......
That'll teach him to join the Revolution.

REVOLUTION LOYALISTS - Sunday, 18th September 2011 at 17:56
Halfway through September 2011 and still plenty of fish hitting the banks on the baits.
Jacko is still winning the monthly with a 34lb 04oz mirror so get out there if you want a chance of winning.
Lewis Church brushed the dust off his rods for the 1st time since June and had a fish on his 1st night, followed by two last Friday with a 28lb 15oz being the best on the Revolution.
The fish in Chilham still love the Revolution with Philip Holmes getting a few for his efforts.
Apparently a lad had 7 out of Trouty on the Fruit & Nut but thats all we've heard of.
Sam Walters had 2kg from us for the 1st time. Saturday (Yesterday) just gone, he fished Trouty and had a 19lb 06oz, 27lb 04oz and a 27lb 08oz all on Fruit & Nut.
Shawn Costen had a 27lb on the SS on his 1st time of using it.
A lad who had 10kg Revolution had on his 1st outing not only his 1st 30+ carp but also his 2nd 30+ in the same session from Pollards Lake, Snodland.
Karl Bowman had a 6hr day session yesterday.... 11 fish up to - not sure size. Essex has finally had it's 1st official spankin' on the Revolution.
Sure there is more to report but cannot remember all of them, also if you guys don't text or send pics then we won't know!

KIERON HEARN - 26th to 28th August 2011
Kieron had 3 takes Friday 26th on 3 different rods, 2 mins apart; all on Fruit and Nut. Only one landed; a 26lb 12oz common; then at 2:30pm a 22lb 11oz leather again on Fruit and Nut..
He had another fish during Saturday afternoon - 31lb 11oz mirror on the Fruit and Nut.....Another 40+ looming......
He finished the trip on Sunday 28th with a 20lb 05oz common at 11am on the Fruit and Nut. It was the only rod left in the water during packing up. Kieron quote: "Another big order of bait will be placed this week....."

HAULING AGAIN! - Sunday, 21 August 2011
Revolution kicks cypry arse this weekend.
It goes like this....
James Green had a 23lb to kick it off followed by a PB 43lb 09oz common yesterday. Awesome.

This morning he followed up with a 25lb common.
Then my fish....
A stunning 23lb 04oz mirror yesterday followed and hour later by a PB mirror at 36lb 02oz, BUT at the same time Mark Biz Barham had a 29lb 15oz common. As i netted the 36 another rod ripped off.....resulting in a 27lb 08oz mirror.

Then at 04.37pm - Little Ed had a 38lb 15oz common on Revolution Wafter.

OH and i forgot to say....the bait?
REVOLUTION Wafters and Pops of course!

Well where do I start........

We will start on The (Tricky) Big lake.
Jay Carroll fished Friday night in the gap and sadly....blanked.
I slugged in behind him and sticked out another 1 1/2 kg of Revolution, I lost a GOOD fish this morning at 8am. I couldn't stop it and it was a tadge on the heavy side. GUTTED as the hook pulled....But at 10am as I was packing up my left rod 1 noted and I got a consolation 28lb 05oz common.....happy days.

Mark (SLAGBAG) Mark Biz Barham and Mark Grantham both fished a foreign venue in Staplehurst and bagged up with cats to 30 something....again on the Revolution.

But the star of the weekend was Alan Jackson who again smashed Chilham mill to pieces. 5 kilo Revolution boilie, 5kg pellet, 5kg groundbait and particle and the result was 18 fish landed, 8 lost. 4 x 30's upto 35lb 02oz mirror i think. There were 9 other anglers on the venue with only 4 other fish caught. A new leader in the monthly comp and all pictures to follow very soon.

I can smell another very big common on the Revolution.
If you want a big common then join the Revolution...

A MASSIVE weekend for the lads on Revolution baits!!!
Sam Harris had a 17lb Leather on SS...
James Green (Little ed) had a 19lb mirror on the Fruit & Nut...
Gary Lee had 3 x doubles, a 23 lb mirror and a 34lb 06oz mirror...
Chris Conway had a 26lb 08oz mirror on Revolution, 23lb 02oz on an SS dumbell, a 33lb 10oz mirror, a 34lb 02oz grassy and a 47lb 06oz catfish all on Fruit & Nut...
SMA had a 38lb 04oz common and 25lb 06oz mirror on Revolution...

Jacko fished a lake in deepest Kent armed with 20kg particle and 7kg of Revolution. Total was 15 fish ( 2 x 30's, 8 x 20's and 5 x doubles) Very very happy chappy! BUT ........ the story doesn't end there! Half way through Jacko's haul another Revolution Loyalist called and said "Dunno where to fish", knowing he had a ticket i said " Go and join Jacko". Off Keiron went armed with the REVOLUTION. 2 nights later he has a new pb Catfish under his belt at 48lb 06oz! Oh and did i forget the pb 33lb common!!! Join the REVOLUTION people.........

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